Knox Products Info

Knox Products Info

Knox Lock Box and Fire Department Connection Locking Cap Information

Knox is a company which builds secure locking devices where a key can be placed inside so local fire and some police agencies can gain access to the building without causing damage to the building after normal business hours or when no one is available to let them in.  Each Fire Department has a unique key that will only allow them into their Knox boxes and no other emergency agency in North American can gain access. The keys are secured in each fire engine and paramedic unit and require a special code, unique to each individual, before the key is released to be used. Each box also has a micro chip that records all activity and date and time stamps them. An audit is done on a regular basis so each key’s activity can be tracked to assure security and safety for those who have a Knox device at their place of business or dwelling.

Fire Department Connection Caps (F.D.C.’s) protect a building’s sprinkler system.  The locking cap protects fire sprinkler connections from accidental damage, vandalism and physical attack.

Knox Product Ordering Information


    1. Go to this website:
    2. Or call 800-552-5669
    3. Enter Central Pierce Fire & Rescue OR enter the ZIP code 98445 – Hit search
    4. Select Central Pierce Fire & Rescue
    5. Select the color, mount type (tamper switch optional). You are limited to the 3200 hinged series and flush mount only for new construction.
    6. Select “Add to Cart”
    7. If your city does not match “Tacoma” check the address mismatch box
    8. Save address
    9. Create user account

If the mailing address is different from the location for the knox box installation that can be noted towards the end of the ordering process.

Mounting instructions per CPFR

Use 4 – 3/8” Grade 5 or Grade 8 fasteners and large, thick steel washers to mount the KNOX-BOX to a solid concrete wall or structural element of the building. Mounting to a hollow surface requires use of a steel backing plate as well, but in either case, the most critical mounting component is the fastener that attaches the KNOX-BOX to the wall. If it is not Grade 5 or Grade 8, the fastener is not strong enough. Mount approximately 50 inches above grade in a pre- approved location, typically to the side of the main entrance. For proper weatherproofing, calk the top and sides of the box. Leave the bottom open for drainage.

A recessed Knox box is required for new construction. The hinge must be in the vertical position. It is recommended to connect the tamper switch to the fire alarm system.

For additional location and mounting information or Knox box service, call CPF&R Prevention Division at 253.538.6402.

Once Your Knox Product Arrives

The FDC caps require us to come to your location to install. The Knox boxes need to be mounted at 50 inches above the ground and in a location that is at the main entrance to the building.  Once you have the box mounted, call us for an appointment to place the key.  At the time of key placement, please be prepared to provide us with your 24-hour emergency contact information for the building/business owner.

Other applications that may apply are Knox locking padlocks for gates, etc., as well as Knox cylinder locks for gates. If you have any additional questions, call us at 253-538-6402