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Congratulations Chief Inglin! Thank you for all you have done for us and our entire community for the past 33 years. Enjoy your family and 🎣 🐟 !

This week we celebrated 2 pinning ceremonies!!
🎉Congratulations on your promotion, Battalion Chief Ferrier. BC Ferrier brings immense knowledge, unwavering integrity, and incredible leadership to the department.
🎉Congratulations to the new Assistant ...Chief of our Prevention and Education division, AC Berdan. Prior to this role, he served as both a firefighter and a deputy fire marshal. AC Berdan’s leadership is innovative, community-minded, and mission oriented.

We are thrilled to see both of these new chiefs thrive in their new role and lead the next generation of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue!

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Congratulations Chief Overby, seven years as a firefighter, 17 years as a Deputy Fire Marshal, and seven as an Assistant Chief. Enjoy your retirement! 🚒

"Thank you for the opportunity to serve in what I would describe as the best profession. Take care of each other. Until next time, be safe. Chief Lawson: Out."

May 26, 2022 at 0700, Chief Dennis Lawson received his final call of his 35 years of service. Chief Lawson has been an ...exemplar of service, compassion, leadership, and excellence on all levels from Puyallup, Central Pierce, Washington State, and the fire service as a whole. Thank you, Chief!

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3️⃣5️⃣ YEARS 🥳🚒👨‍🚒‼️
Today we say a profound thank you to Battalion Chief Lawson for his 35 years of service to this community and profession. It’s been an absolute honor to work with, for, and alongside him. Congratulations on an incredible career and we wish you ...the best in your well-earned retirement, Chief!

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UPDATE: The fire started in a pile of pallets in the rear of the building. Fire is now out—minor damage to the building. The Pierce County fire marshal is on the scene to determine the cause.

UPDATE: ‪Fire started from the exterior; we are checking for extension inside. ‬

...Crews are on the scene of a commercial fire at Walmart on 165th & Meridian on South Hill. Everyone evacuated safely.

Summer (officially) starts in ONE month! The weather today is a reflection of what we’ve all been waiting for, and with warmer temps bring opportunities for water fun!

In the past month, we’ve spent time training for swift water rescue. This training was done along with members of ...Orting Fire and PCSO ahead of the summer months where hazards and people enjoying the river are more prevalent.

We are always prepared to respond in the community’s time of need. However, there are some easy to remember water safety tips to help you enjoy your time in the sun without us.
#1 Have a proper personal flotation device for everyone who will be in the water/on the boat. Most people believe they don’t need one because they’re grown up and/or a “good swimmer” but the reality is you can be both of those and still get fatigued in the water or overcome by currents.
#2 Do not swim alone!
#3 With time in the water also brings time in the sun: stay hydrated! And if you’re out on the water for a while, bring snacks and plenty of sustenance.

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When we talk about the power of a closed door during a fire, this is what we mean! This fire was really a best case scenario because the homeowner was home, which made the alert and 9-1-1 call very fast.

Here are 2 rooms in the house, and you can clearly tell which room had the shut door ...and which one was an open space for the fire and smoke to fill. Thankfully the family is safe, and our crew was able to recover some valuable property for them, like the wife’s wedding ring!

Most people think that physical fire is the most dangerous element, but smoke is the real killer. It’s full of toxins and carcinogens emitted as materials burn. If this fire had happened at night (like many do), which room would you want you and your family to be sleeping in? Tonight and every night, we encourage you to Close Before You Doze.

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It looks like a storm is coming tomorrow with strong winds; now would be the time to check around your house and secure items that could blow away and prepare for possible power outages.

It looks like a storm is coming tomorrow with strong winds; now would be the time to check around your house and secure items that could blow away and prepare for possible power outages.